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Cannabis Thai sticks- what are they and how do you make them?

Thai Sticks have been used for many decades and first began in Thailand in the late 60’s. They are basically the OG of blunts: a marijuana leaf covered in oil wrapped around buds that have been skewered onto a bamboo stick. It is then wrapped in hemp wick, lit and smoked.

Thai sticks began to circulate in western culture when soldiers were sent to battle communism, better known now as the Vietnam war. It is said that American soldiers returning from the war had brought the sticks back with them to the United States. This helped them become extremely popular in western culture and they are still around to this day.

Making Thai sticks is easier than people assume. We’ve provided step by step instructions to help you create your very own Thai stick.


2-3 Marijuana Leafs
7G of your favourite Cannabis strain
1 medium sized bamboo stick
0.5 grams of oil or shatter (sugar water can be used as replacement)
3.5ft of hemp wick

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: take your bud and begin to skewer it onto your bamboo stick. Repeat this process until the bamboo stick is fully covered by the bud

Step 2: Lay out your marijuana leafs and begin lightly coating them with the oil or melted shatter. (This step helps assure your leafs will stick to the bud)
* this step can also be replaced by coating the leafs with sugar water if oil or shatter is not available.

Step 3: Wrap your sticky marijuana leafs around your bamboo stick ensuring it fully wraps around and then begin to lightly press it to make sure it is fully stuck around your bamboo stick.

Step 4: Let fully dry and begin to wrap your hemp wick around the stick.

Step 5: light and enjoy 😉

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